In Which School Is Too Easy, Republicans Waste Money, and Online Education Won’t Go Away


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Top article I want to share today: students think school is too easy! I’m hardly surprised, what else can you expect from a system that caters to the lowest common denominator? Also, although my experience was very different, I know a lot of folks who went to a typical high school and practically got straight As without doing very much homework or even showing up most of the time–anecdotal, but the idea that that’s even possible is sad.

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Experimenting: Daily Link Round-Up


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So, a friend of mine introduced me to Prismatic, essentially a personalized newsfeed, and I have been finding A TON of share-worthy articles, blogs, pictures, etc. I usually share links on Facebook, but I often end up feeling like I’m spamming the feed. I’ve been toying with the idea of doing a daily link round-up on this blog (although I’m not sure what will get people to read the stuff I post more–spamming Facebook so people can see everything individually and click on what they’re interested in, or just linking to a post every day, which they might not be interested in at all regardless of personally relevant content). I also appreciate that I can come back in and edit in new links if something that I really want to share shows up in my Prismatic feed.

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[Wow. So I start this blog so I can post about my school things, but in the heat of the moment, I just ended up posting on Facebook. WHOOPS. On the other hand, at least I’m more calm now, and this will be more coherent than my furious pounding of random keys–the universal “I’m mad!” signal on the internet, IMO.]

So, the only reason I am completing my A.A. at AB-Tech in such a timely manner is because I got A TON of AP credits, including enough to get a lot of my 44-hour core stuff out of the way. According to the transfer articulation agreement between NC community colleges and UNC Asheville (and other universities, although I am less familiar with their specific policies), completion of a 44-hour core (included as part of the A.A. degree!) exempts you from a plethora of liberal studies requirements. However, apparently UNCA can’t accept the credit I got for AP scores without seeing my actual AP scores, and they determine credit differently, etc. Fine.

I order another copy of my AP scores and request that they be sent to UNCA. Keep in mind, this privilege costs me $25 (on top of the $25 I paid last year to have my scores sent to AB-Tech, since schools can’t trade score reports, apparently). It is nearly a month before I receive my copy of the score report, which has scores for the tests I took in 2003-4 on one little slip of paper, and the scores for 2005 on another slip of paper. For some reason, UNCA only counts my scores from 2003-4. A mystery. So, I call the school and they tell me that all of my 2005 scores AREN’T EVEN THERE. AT ALL. I ask if I can bring in my copy of the score report SINCE IT IS FUCKING IDENTICAL and am told that no, they can’t do anything with that, but I should call the College Board and see if they can help me. Ugh.

So I call the AP people and the guy I guess was new because I told him what my problem was and he fucking panicked, then he couldn’t find me in the system because he spelled my last name wrong, but had THE GALL to suggest to me that I was the one that couldn’t remember how I spelled my name at the time (also keep in mind, that even if I had, for some reason, forgotten, I had my copy of the score report in front of me, with the name that I used at test time printed right on it!). Ridiculous. Anyway, eventually he found me and had his supervisor mumbling over his shoulder telling him what kind of questions to ask. They ended up telling me that they would “conduct an investigation into this matter” and also, after I asked, that I could call in five to seven business days if my situation was still unresolved.

Okay. So we’re already two phone calls in. The guy I spoke to at the school about my AP scores told me that if I wanted to know if my SAT scores (that I also ordered over a month ago–they cashed my check on June 7th!), I needed to call the Admissions office. So I call them. Guess where my scores are? NOT FUCKING THERE EVEN THOUGH I PAID ALMOST FORTY GODDAMN DOLLARS TO HAVE THEM SENT THERE.


So. Now I have to call the College Board, again, but this time their SAT people. Kind of wondering what use the College Board is since they apparently can’t do any part of their job properly (except I will say even the incompetent customer service reps are very nice and contrite, which I appreciate when I have been wronged). The lady I end up talking to has to ask me a million verification questions (some of which I get wrong because I didn’t realize I had to remember the e-mail address I used in high school–thank goodness there were other questions) and then suggests to me that maybe I didn’t actually submit the archived score request. In a much gentler tone and more polite language, I said YOU FUCKERS CASHED MY GODDAMN CHECK SO I’M PRETTY SURE I SUBMITTED A GODDAMN REQUEST. So then I had to look up when the check was cashed and all this crap. Finally she tells me that she’ll let “them” know and “they” will work something out and she’s sending the information “over there” right now. Oooookay. I asked her how long I should wait before calling back (five to seven business days, naturally) and told her I really hoped I wouldn’t have to speak to anyone there again. I think she caught on that if I did have to call back, I wouldn’t be so much speaking as yelling and swearing into the phone.

Now I have to call the school again after the holiday to figure out what the hold-up with my financial aid is, because they picked me for verification, but it says on my account that those requirements have been “received and satisfied.” I would really like to know that I can afford to actually go to school this year, you know?

Okay. Rant over. Happier post next time, I HOPE. And maybe a picture?

School Things


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[This entry was going to be about my totally awesome schedule, but then I blathered on about orientation for three paragraphs, so that’s what it’s about instead.] So, UNCA had their orientation (mysteriously known as “embark,”not sure why that second part is in bold or where they got the name…maybe because it’s in asheville and there’s a lot of trees? And trees have bark on them?) for transfers students on June 21st, which was an interesting experience. Continue reading

First Post is a Repost!

Hello! This first post is mostly just the information I wrote for “About”–I thought it was a nice general introduction to who I am. I am starting this blog because there’s a lot going on in my life right now and I wanted to try and write it all down. Of course, I have started blogs (and written journals) before without much success, but we’ll see how it goes. [ETA: After I published this post, it occurred to me that several solid blocks of text maybe are not that compelling, so maybe I will have to start adding photos every once in a while too.] Continue reading