Okay, so first, I wrote a post about HOW MUCH I SUCK AT BLOGGING since I got sick and then stopped updating this, even though I have desperately wanted to, but just never found the right moment to do it.

Then I was all like “Publish Post” AND IT WOULDN’T WORK DKHS;DJHSGDHFG. So, I clicked this other button and of course, my blog post disappeared, so now I am extra angsty.

How are you guys doing?


Oh, okay.

Well, my third week of being a ~UNCA student~ has ended, and I’m completely swamped with work, readings, all of my personal stuff, I still haven’t found a job, I have like 8 applications to fill out, I feel like I have no friends (more on that later), so that’s pretty depressing, and so on and so on.

I will ATTEMPT to publish another post later this weekend, once I’ve gotten through some of the aforementioned work and I need some way to procrastinate that doesn’t involve cleaning my house. =D