I’ve been sick for a while, they gave me some antibiotics and an inhaler and I thought I was getting better, but now it looks like I’m not actually better and I might have to go back to the doctor and pay them another $35 co-pay…even though I really shouldn’t have to since I am still sick with the same thing that I needed help with before and what they did did not help. At least I have insurance…! >=[

Weird things going on with school. They did FINALLY get my last AP credits in, and processed my financial aid, so I don’t have to worry about tuition or anything like that. However, I was checking out my class schedule (I check it compulsively almost every day for some reason) and although I am still registered for it, one of the classes I was most looking forward to (Feminist Science Fiction) no longer has an instructor, a room, or a time. The schedule for the entire school says that the class has a limit of 0 students, even though there are 22 people enrolled. I don’t know what’s going on and I’m really hoping it’s just a glitch, I would be so upset if that class got actually cancelled for no real reason. Plus, I’d have to find another class to take at the last minute, which will not be fun. Top contender right now is a Sociology course called “Women of Color and Feminism” but it’s really awkwardly timed (Wednesdays nights 6:00pm-8:30pm, but my Wednesdays already start at 8am…) and I was REALLY excited about that science fiction class. Balls.