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[This entry was going to be about my totally awesome schedule, but then I blathered on about orientation for three paragraphs, so that’s what it’s about instead.] So, UNCA had their orientation (mysteriously known as “embark,”not sure why that second part is in bold or where they got the name…maybe because it’s in asheville and there’s a lot of trees? And trees have bark on them?) for transfers students on June 21st, which was an interesting experience.
The morning was really awkward. I got there and first got confused as to which building I should go to in order to check in. I brought a printout of the schedule for the day with me but I forgot to pull it out before I got to right in front of the buildings, and these blue-shirted kids were swarming all over the place like a bunch of overly helpful insects, and I didn’t want them to know that I did not, in fact, know where I was going. Even though that’s what they are there for. Yes, I have issues. Anyway, so eventually I check in, go through the uncomfortable small group thing, feel like a sheep being herded around a farm. We get dismissed from the curriculum info session to go to a “pick one,” but I stayed behind to ask one of the professors a question and didn’t feel like going somewhere late (“pick none”?), so I finally got the chance to just stroll around campus, go to lunch early, etc. That’s when I started feeling comfortable and like I might actually enjoy myself at this school.
After lunch were the major information sessions, of which I had to attend two since I’m also in the Education program. Unfortunately most of my time at the Education info session was spent watching a lady hand out pamphlets with everyone’s course requirements on them–we got maybe ten minutes of info before transfer students had to leave to go to their other major information session. The current sociology department chair is this ridiculous guy with a very interesting accent. He’s German, but he didn’t really have a German accent the way most people (or just me?) would imagine when they thought of a ~German~ accent. He was very expressive and listening to him talk was a real pleasure, so when I realized he was also one of my professors this fall, I was thrilled.
When we got to the computer labs in order to register, I was amazed at the fact that no one except me seemed to know what classes they should or even wanted to be taking. I mean, we knew about orientation for a while, and the school has plenty of resources online. It’s not like it was impossible to look up major requirements, UNCA’s curriculum requirements, etc. So while I was entering my CRNs, other folks were yelling at the computer about their preferred section of HWP being full or whatever, or freaking out about not having an adviser there holding their hand. I really don’t want to be a snob but I’m pretty sure most of those folks have a computer and internet access and spend plenty of time sitting around on Facebook or Tumblr that they could’ve devoted to a little bit of planning. On the other hand, maybe I’m just way to into planning. Either way it worked out well for me this time. I’ll talk about my awesome schedule in the next post!