Hello! This first post is mostly just the information I wrote for “About”–I thought it was a nice general introduction to who I am. I am starting this blog because there’s a lot going on in my life right now and I wanted to try and write it all down. Of course, I have started blogs (and written journals) before without much success, but we’ll see how it goes. [ETA: After I published this post, it occurred to me that several solid blocks of text maybe are not that compelling, so maybe I will have to start adding photos every once in a while too.]

I graduated high school, went to college, was absolutely miserable, moved back home, met someone, moved 500 miles, went back to college, and just recently transferred into UNC Asheville at the ripe old age of 25. I will be majoring in Sociology with Teacher Licensure, and also considering adding a Literature or Creative Writing minor to that. Yes, now that I like school again, I will probably be there longer than actually necessary. I’m also very, very excited about it (and about taking challenging classes with engaged faculty and classmates, instead of the community college hell I have endured over the past year) and wanted a place to ramble about everything school-related.
I am also engaged to the someone mentioned above, so I’m planning my wedding. Wedding planning is really horrible, but misery loves company, so there’s another subject for ye olde blogge.
My other hobbies include cooking and baking (I have another blog that I collect material for and then never post anything–maybe I’ll work on that?), discussing social issues, cat ownership (we have two), reading everything in sight (except my textbooks), art (but very casually–I kind of burned out the first time I went to college), hiking, swimming, and trying to write in blogs.